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DO YOUR LIPS FEEL LIKE THIS? What’s the Best Way to Treat Dry Lips?
Aug 2016
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DO YOUR LIPS FEEL LIKE THIS? What’s the Best Way to Treat Dry Lips?

When the air begins to lose moisture, so does our skin and lips. Sure you can drink lots of water, use that handy old chapstick that is stowed away in your bag, but the problem with dry lips still persists. Here is everything that you need to do to tackle the problem.

The Dr.Lipp Balm Regime

The Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm is perfect for retaining the luscious and glossy texture of your lips, and returning them to their gorgeous glory when they are dry and chapped. This instantly hydrating balm is one thing that should make part of the contents of your handbag essential.

The lip balm is meant for everyday use and lasts for 8 hours, which means you can use this at the beginning of the day and then reapply after lunch. One of its qualities is that it accelerates the repair of skin, which makes it a lot better than other ordinary lip moisturizing products in the market. The Dr. Lipp balm is edible and free of any additives, if you have problems with strong fragrances, this balm does not incorporate any.

Moisturizing is super important for your lips and also something that should be done before you apply any other cosmetic product on the lips. You can reapply the Lip Balm throughout the day. Stash a tube in your car, in your desk at work and one near your bed.


Exfoliation for your lips is just as important as it is for your skin. Every time you use an exfoliator for your face do not forget to dab some on your lips as well. You can always go DIY with your exfoliation regime. All it takes are the ingredients sugar and honey, if you have sensitive lips make sure that you use a soft toothbrush, apply the exfoliator in back and forth movement.

Exfoliation helps if you have dry and flaky lips as well. You can exfoliate and then moisturize with Dr. Lipp for dry skin.

Change Habits

People think that licking dry lips adds moisture when in fact it accomplishes the exact opposite. Your saliva has acids that break food in order to digest it, imagine what it does to your plump glossy lips. Continuous licking results in first your lips losing any natural oils it may have.

Also breathe through your nose. Breathing through the mouth only has them exposed to air that you don’t want it to. Another good habit you should adapt to is turning on a humidifier when you go to sleep. It keeps your lips extra hydrated.

What to Eat

While your lips repair you must stay away from eating grapefruit, drinking orange juice, or consuming anything else that has citrus in it. It only causes more dryness.

For Sore and Dry Lips

As a moisturiser make sure that you use the 100% natural Dr. Lipp nipple balm. But before you do this, if you are also suffering from a sore feeling in your lips, then slice a cucumber and slice it into thin pieces, place these pieces of cucumber on your lips for at least 5 minutes. If your lips are chapped to the point that they are cracked, rubbing Aloe Vera is a good idea to heal heavily cracked lips. Your lips will feel better in no time.

Even when your lips are looking great, you should not forget to moisturise them. Moisturising your lips with Dr. Lipp every time you head out of house protects them against dehydration, especially in colder seasons when your skin is at a higher risk of drying.