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Do You Need a Lip Balm?
Sep 2016
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Do You Need a Lip Balm?

There are so many people out there who would never consider a lip balm an extremely essential element of your skin care regime. To many, it’s simply an “add on” or a “luxury” that may just give your lips that glossy look. This is where they are wrong. A good lip balm is so much more than that; it helps repair, heal, and protect skin from the harsh elements that it is exposed to everyday. Your lips look so much more healthy, youthful, and most importantly, remain hydrated!

But did you know that the above is not the only reason one should invest in and use a lip balm? There is so much more to these vial-like tubes of miracle working creams.

Your Skin Heals at Lightning Speed

…Well not exactly at lightening speed, but you get the drift. What people forget is that the skin on your lips is thinner than the skin on your face. In case you are suffering from dry and chapped lips, using a lip balm always ensures that your lips heal fast and you don’t lose the moisture in the skin.

Nobody Likes to Show off Dry and Cracked Lips

Unless you are in the production of Sweeney Todd, cracked and peeled lips are an embarrassment, it reflects neglect towards your wellbeing, this is the first thing people see when you greet them so there is no way to cover up or hide dry lips, you need to work at repairing the damage. In winters the thin smooth layer of your lips is licked off, this combined with windy and cold weather leads to dry and chapped lips. This makes it super important that you wear lip balm.

Who Doesn’t Want Suppler Lips?

Sure your lips are not dry…yet, but that should not stop you from taking care of your lips to the point that you are able to boast off a movie star pout. There are so many different lip glosses that claim they can plump up your lip; however moisturizing them every day is a great way to retain a supple and youthful look.

One Balm for Everything

If you ever find that you have itchy patches that are constantly uncomfortable and irritating, and you ran out of the last jar of body butter, don’t panic, the Dr. Lipp balm is perfect for using as a moisturizer and healing ointment for your skin. Just gently dab a bit on your fingers and rub on the dry area. On top of that, balms are great for preventing blisters in case you are planning to wear heels, or are tired of sore and patchy skin on your feet a result of your running shoes.

Why Go For Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips?

The Dr. Lipp balm is one natural lip balm that works to treat the skin of all parts of your body. The formula is free of additives, parabens, and any fragrances so that all sorts of users may find it suitable and not run the risk of allergies or damage from harmful chemicals that are used usually in extreme working cosmetics.