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Celia Burton

Celia Burton

Zara Larsson by

On her amazing portfolio of stars!

Behind the LOOK

August, 2017

With a killer portfolio and jaw dropping A-lister clients, Dr. Lipp goes behind the look with make-up artist Celia Burton on all things Zara Larsson.

Zara Larsson’s career is at an all-time high and her extraordinary voice is taking the world by storm, so it’s easy to forget that she is only 19 years old. The Swedish sensation first hit the music scene in 2008 but it was her debut international album, “So Good”, which catapulted her into super stardom. It’s impossible to turn on a playlist or go to a dance club without hearing her hits “Symphony” and “I Would Like” being played over and over.

Zara’s angelic-like features fused with her unique edgy style, create the perfect combination to grace the cover of Notion magazine’s anniversary issue. Notion describes Zara as “not only a platinum selling singer and performer but an artist unafraid to speak her mind on issues ore complex than the usual popstar.” It’s rare for someone so young to have such a strong sense of self, which is the reason it was important for her makeup artist, Celia Burton, to bring out Zara’s youthful side for Notion’s cover shoot. “Playing with makeup and colour on shoots like this one is an easy way to tap into Zara’s playful side and also serves as a reminder of how young she actually is” explains Celia. She collaborated with the photographer on the shoot, Francesca Allen, who had the idea to put Zara in blue eyeshadow for the cover. After reviewing a few images for inspiration, she decided on a bright Royal Blue cream shadow from the Estée Edit that created a dreamy effect. “It’s young, fresh and I love how the pictures turned out.” The rest of the makeup was natural and almost monochromatic to blend in with the white background and clothing, emphasizing the blue eye shadow even more.  This colourful editorial look was a nice change from the more sexy and sophisticated Hollywood-style makeup looks Celia generally creates for Zara’s performances and promo appearances.

Having grown up among a very creative group of people including her aunt Lynne who was a makeup artist, Celia felt almost “born into it” and never really considered doing anything else.  The diversity of makeup artistry appeals to her as no two jobs are ever the same. “Last week I was in Spain shooting music videos with Jessie Ware, came home to apply yellow eyeshadow on an editorial for a French fashion magazine and finished off by working with Adwoa Aboah’s Gurls Talk event with Coach & DAZED” -three completely different faces, projects and makeup looks in just one week. Although she describes her journey as “slow and steady”, similarly to her client Zara, Celia has been grafting and working hard for the past 10 years with each step bringing her closer to where she wants to be, although the bar is always being raised by her ambition and personal goals.

A defining moment in Celia’s career was meeting Agyness Deyn in NYC in 2011. The two had an instantaneous repour and continued to work together through all of Agyness’ many reincarnations as a model, fashion designer, art director and actress. Celia cites this relationship as key to opening up doors for her whilst providing much needed direction and building her confidence.  An exciting element to her career was being asked to come on board as the Beauty Editor of The Ingénue magazine, a bi-annual London based fashion publication. This role allows Celia to curate shoots for each issue and acts as a creative outlet for her instead of just being given a brief and following direction. There is much more of a collaborative process involved and her ideas can be realised. Kristina and Jessie, the girls behind The Ingénue, share a similar aesthetic to Celia and the synergy between the trio is dynamic. During her first meeting as the official Beauty Editor, Celia recalls her enthusiasm, “It was clear to everyone how keen and over excited I was. I put together a slide show and everything!” She also enjoys the in-between space of working on a bi-annual publication and the satisfaction she gets from seeing her hard work in print. A feeling she doesn’t think she would have if they were churning out issues every month.

As a self-proclaimed “music lover” Celia’s favourite words to live by are taken from Jill Scott’s song Do You Remember: “Whoever you are, love yourself, and then we can really start loving each other.” When asked why these words resonate with her she explains “Beauty is much more than a physical thing. It’s about creating a feeling and a sensation. I just want to make people feel beautiful.” With this very attitude and insight we are certain she will continue to achieve exactly that.

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Celia Burton

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