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Can houseplants combat dry skin?!
Feb 2019
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Our Diary...

Can houseplants combat dry skin?!

Tired of rough, dry winter skin making your complexion all flaky and tired? Fret no more….grab yourself a Peace Lily or a Boston Fern and your skin will be feeling a bit more revived!  A recent study actually suggests that houseplants can boost your skins moisture levels as plants with higher transpiration levels (rate in which they loose water through their leaves) can actually add enough moisture to the air to combat dry skin. So not only do houseplants look divine in your room, they can also rid you of winter skin…we know how we’ll be spending our hard earned cash this weekend! Jungle room here we come!

Think of them as natural humidifiers! A Peace Lily can loose up to a cup of water a day, so all that moisture in the atmosphere can make all the difference for your skin!

The best natural moisturiser money can buy…besides Dr.Lipp of course!