Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party
Feb 2017
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Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party

If there’s one thing we love, it’s love. And parties. And meeting fabulous new people! Last Saturday we popped over to the Blogosphere Magazine Valentine’s Tea Party, and all those boxes were ticked… & then some! Hosted in the Tropical Library at Lumiere London, we set up shop and spent hours on end chatting all things beauty, blogging and Dr.Lipp with a collection of some of the most lovely people we could have hoped to meet.

It’s always so exciting to speak to people about their passions, and as you can imagine we’ve had a LOT of new reading material to browse as a result! There will be more on the event coming from Blogosphere themselves, so stay tuned to their twitter, but for now we just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team for organising such a wonderful day, and to each of you who took the time to stop and chat.

If you were there, do make sure we stay in touch! Tweet us your links and info @drlipp, and especially ensure to let us know if you’ve written a post or made a video about the event. We hope you’re enjoying your Dr.Lipp, so while you’re at it tweeting us posts and links, pop in a hint as to how you’re getting on! The posts we’ve seen so far have been absolutely fab.

We hope you all had just as wonderful a time as we did, and here’s to the next one!