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Best natural lip balms
Sep 2016
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Best natural lip balms

How to know they’re natural cosmetics

The term ‘Natural’ seems to be thrown around a lot. As a result, its meaning seems to be pretty loose for all those who only ever were introduced to natural cosmetics via vague advertisements and flashy commercials that never really explained why natural ingredients were that good.

If you pick up a product and the label says it has lemon, milk, and Aloe Vera in it, obviously you would call these natural ingredients derived directly from the earth. However, you should not let other products that state the scientific name of ingredients let you believe that a good product is not natural. Therefore, at first glance you may not necessarily be able to tell if a product is natural or not.

So What Are Natural Products?

Natural products are those that one can easily make at home. It may have you roaming around for a while in your kitchen— around counter tops riddled with supplies and equipment— but these products definitely do not need a lab to be created. Most of the ingredients you might just find in your back yard.

There are products that will claim of being crafted from natural ingredients; to be sure you need to know about the reputation of a company. Like most chemicals that can be traced back to nature, companies use these things as a reason to call products natural, it’s the perfect loophole for them, but does not fall in the right definition of a ‘natural product’. Pure Aloe Vera is nothing close to the chemically induced bottled one. This is because bottled Aloe Vera has preservatives in it that reduce many of the plant’s beneficial qualities. When you take something from nature and transform it into something entirely different, it’s far from being eco friendly and natural.

Do Labels Mean What They Say?

The Personal Product Labeling regulation makes it only possible for the manufacturer to provide information to the consumers on products like lip balms that does not in any way make them liable to list all information. The problem with FDA is that when regulating products like these there is not that much enforcement of law. Manufacturers can easily get away with hiding or mislabeling chemical ingredients for their pseudonyms. Consumers can always look up a chemical dictionary online to check.

The Difference a Natural Product Can Make

Lip balms that incorporate 100% natural ingredients are the ones that won’t have parabens or any other chemical ingredient that would be abrasive to your skin. Some people are allergic to additives too which they are not aware might be included in a product. It is only after one uses these products and the damage is done that they find it’s not suitable for them.

Another great thing about looking up a lip balm that is all natural is that you can pick out a product that has all the ingredients listed that you are not allergic to. If you find something that doesn’t suit you, you can move on.

Original Balm for Healthy and Dry Lips 

Lip balms claiming to treat dry skin are usually the ones that only pick the surface of your lips in hopes of removing the problem, what you need is something that repairs and heals instead of peeling off what it comes into contact with. Dr. Lipp balm is the kind that you will find satisfactory, thanks to its 100 percent natural formulation and quick and soothing hydrating effect that can be used for all parts of the body.