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Best Balms for Winter Skin!
Jan 2019
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Our Diary...

Best Balms for Winter Skin!

If you’re anything like us here at Dr.Lipp, then you know that chapped lips are by far the biggest winter skin issue. And Rebecca Fearn at Bustle agrees!

‘Point to any lip balm on the shelf and I guarantee you I will have most likely tried it. My lips are eternally dry (no I definitely do not drink enough water) and in the winter… well, forget about it. So for this reason, I’ve been on the hunt for an amazing balm pretty much since I entered the world.’ Amen Rebecca!

‘Dr Lipp’s balm is best known for its lip saving qualities rather than those on nipples! It uses completely natural ingredients and is fragrance-free, so perfect for sensitive skin.’

Made with 100% natural medical grade lanolin, our super luxurious balm will keep your lips looking hydrated and full of supple moisture this winter! Make sure you read the full feature here !