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Beauty Queen UK – The Winter Lip Balm You Need!
Nov 2018
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Beauty Queen UK – The Winter Lip Balm You Need!

Now that winter is in full swing, we can’t live without lip balm at all times – one in the handbag, one in the car, one in the bathroom…never too many! So we looove hearing when our Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips & Glossy Bits is a top pick for chapped winter lips!

“Dr Lipp The Original Nipple Balm – Now this balm for me is an absolute must and it is one I always have on my bedside table because it is just genius.  When my lips are chapped, it is always the first balm I turn too to soothe and calm irritated skin. It uses protective medical grade Lanolin which gives it a 100% natural formula, so it is free from fragrance, preservatives. As well as your lips, this product is also ideal for dry cuticles, dry skin patches, burns and abrasions, severely chapped lips, sore nipples, split ends, eczema, babies’ bottoms, and it is also used behind the scenes for extra long-lasting lip gloss, eyelids, cheekbones, neatening eyebrows, quickly treating rough skin and priming before make-up.  Priced at £12 (here) if you have never tried Dr Lipp, then you need too.”

Thank you sooo much Beauty Queen UK for sharing your love for our trusty Balm, and you can read the full article here of course!