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Are you Addicted to you Lip Balm?
Jan 2019
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Our Diary...

Are you Addicted to you Lip Balm?

Do you think you have a lip balm addiction?! We DEFINITELY think we do! We’ve got our oooooh sooo luxurious Original Balm in every nook and cranny…you name it! In the car, on our desk, in every handbag we own, nightstand, make-up bag! We would feel totally naked without the ultra thick lanolin coating our lips darlings!

And Ava Welsing-Kitcher at Stylist Magazine agrees! ‘Swiping on lip balm is the first and last thing I do everyday. I reach for it at least once every half hour.’ Preach!

But what is sooooo good about Dr.Lipp? ‘These oils and lipids (similar to those found in our skin) hydrate and soften skin and create a protective barrier when applied heavily.’ Our 100% natural lanolin base is perrrrrfect for that dry winter skin, you’ll be feeling nourished all day long!

Thank you Ava and Stylist for the wonderful feature! Kisses from Dr.Lipp!