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Makeup Artist

Andriani Vasiliou

Andriani Vasiliou

We loove this dreamy disco look!

Behind the LOOK

January, 2018

It’s bright and early on New York time when we speak to Andriani, but she’s been up a while to walk her dog round the gorgeous Central Park, which is super close to her place. Oh, the dream! The North London native relocated to New York a few years ago alongside her husband when a job op arose for him. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it! Living in New York had always been one of Andriani’s dreams and so the pair upped and left London behind for the vibrant hustle and bustle of NYC.

Let’s cast back a few years to the shoot of the look we’re going behind today: Andriani had not long gone at it alone, leaving her days as a makeup artist’s assistant behind her and found herself on set with a young photographer and stylist, both of whom were in the same position. It’s a truth known that any freelance venture is a hustler’s game, particularly in the beauty industry, and so relationships and connections are everything. Andriani tells us she wished that she had been a bit braver and put herself out there more, but you live and you learn, and Andriani has some incredible names in her little black book now!

Fortunately the young trio, enthusiastic to try new techniques and throw themselves into the shoot, got on like a house on fire, which led them to work together for years after. The shoot, a few years old now, remains in Andriani’s book due to its overwhelming popularity – and we can see why. Although the shoot has a very clear 80s/disco look, there’s something about the editorial that makes it so modern, even now. The retro shoot seems fitting now as the magazine it was shot for now resides in magazine heaven. RIP More Magazine – we miss giggling at your Barbie doll modelled sex positions.

Andriani cites model Amber’s (who she also went on to work with again) face “a dream to work with” for her symmetrical features, making it the perfect canvas for this eclectic disco look! The team picked a handful of looks for the beauty editorial and kept the look contemporary and fashion forward by combining a number of different textures on the skin, layering powders and creams together. A cream eyeshadow was used over the eyelid before purple and gold powders were blended through the socket line. The photographer also used coloured gels to create the illusion of disco lights.

Andriani with her beautiful hound

It all sounds very artistic, which isn’t surprising given that Andriani is a Fine Art graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins here in London. Art remains a passion for Andriani and a hobby she has picked back up since moving to New York. Not only has the city reunited her with art, but workwise she’s had the opportunity to paint some of her favourite models, as well as on some incredible shoots for huge brands as well as Victoria’s Secrets’ girls, which she describes as, “great to get her hands on their faces!”

And from gorgeous gals to fit fellas; Andriani has also worked on a lot of campaigns for sports giants such as Nike or Adidas, often working with big sports players in rugby or football. Having little knowledge of either sport (us too, doll) meant being star struck was never an issue, but chasing stars from set to set to change their looks while managing their entourages sounds suuuper stressful to you or I, however Andriani thrives on it! “I love shoots where there is a really big team, a big energy and everyone is bouncing off each other. I like being busy on set. I like jobs where you’re a bit challenged in some ways,” she revealed.

So with so many beautiful human beings in her chair, what is Andriani’s signature look? “Clients will always comment on how I finish their skin. I have a real formula of the way I do things; I like to mix things together to have real skin. I’m not into that kind of mask look. I need the perfect canvas before I can do the rest. I am keen on eyebrows as well,” which leads us perfectly to Andriani’s biggest beauty faux pas – eyebrows! Don’t judge us, we just had to know!

“I look at pictures of myself as a teenager and I look like a football, just this little round head. Whenever I see someone with bad eyebrows I just want to fix them. I plucked the hell out of them as a teenager and it wasn’t until my first day at makeup school when my teacher pulled me aside and said, ‘you are not touching your eyebrows until you leave this school.’ On the last day she tweezed them for me and I think that spurred on this eyebrow obsession.

Well Andriani we have to agree with your teacher – natural is best! And your eyebrows are divine now, lovely!


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Andriani Vasiliou

We love her


For this month’s Behind The Look interview, we caught up with British-born and New York residing Andriani Vasiliou about her dreamy disco look.

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