About Us

Founder Pontine Paus

Oh, hello. We’re glad you found us, because sweethearts, Dr.Lipp is exposing it all! Here are some things you should know about us…

We believe skincare doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective which is why our multi award-winning balm contains just one ingredient, medical-grade lanolin from free-roaming sheep down under. Even our new moisturising Tints have just four 100% natural ingredients including our star product Lanolin! We’re cruelty and additive free, of course, and are on a mission to make you feel really great. A bit like a doctor you might say. And what’s even better…we fully expose all of our ingredients so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin! That’s right, no hidden chemical nasties to be found here!

We launched because our super founder Pontine suffered from the driest eczema-prone skin (trust us, she was fed up). After trying everything under the sun, she discovered the product with the fastest, and most lasting effect, was nipple balm. Oh yes, you read right! Nipple Balm! So Pontine embraced nipple balm and decided to take on the world!

Whilst researching the origins of different nipple balm’s, Pontine discovered it had been used for centuries – its core ingredient, lanolin, was cited in the world’s first encyclopedia of medicine dated all the way back to 90AD. So illustriously amazing, it proved to be almost identical to our skin’s natural oils and so complex, scientists still can’t reproduce anything as good as the real deal. She felt more people should know about it.  “If it’s good enough for my nipples, it’s good enough for everywhere else,” says Pontine

Oh, and we’re 100% natural. Obviously.

Dr.Lipp is FREE from parabens, fragrances, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, colouring agents, T.E .A, D.E.A and silicones etc.  We add no additives, do not test on animals, and only use unpainted fleece from free roaming sheep in Australia. A 100% Natural product and a WHOLE cosmetic product. Tasteless, odourless & so utterly kissable…


About Pontine


Where do we start with our looovely Founder Pontine? She’s quite the creative, and has her arty fingers in a lot of pies. When she isn’t advocating the benefits of Dr.Lipp (trust us, that’s a lot of the time), she’s a handbag designer, artist and illustrator among other things. Pontine’s idea for Dr.Lipp came to her in the lobby of the Savoy Hotel, Milan, with her chum, who was then Head of Marketing at Stella McCartney. She loves to travel and splits her time between her swanky West London pad and her dreamy chalet in Verbier. She is cheekier than our Original Nipple Balm itself, and most importantly, is cured of her dry skin. Hurrah!