About Us

Pontine Paus is a London-based Scandinavian designer and entrepreneur. Originally from Norway, she is widely noted for her art, handbags and as founder the cult cosmetics brand, Dr.Lipp. The idea for Dr.Lipp was born in the lobby of the Savoy Hotel in Milan, whilst Pontine was on a design trip for her handbag line, speaking to a friend who was, at the time, Head of Marketing for Stella McCartney.

“It sounds bizarre, but I’ve been using nipple balm on my lips for years! I think more people should know about it, it’s the only product I’ve come across that truly works on really dry skin!”

They giggled at the idea of putting nipple balm on their lips, and noticed others did too. It did seem a little crazy, and ever so slightly naughty. However, they soon discovered that Lanolin had been the original pillar of the cosmetic industry, but due to increasing prices and cheaper plant-based substitutes had became less favourable over time. However, it is still considered by dermatologists and chemists to have the most similar chemical composition to our skin’s natural oils and, in a nutshell, that explains why it works so well, and why it’s so good for newborn babies, too!

So Pontine took lanolin out of the breastfeeding market and placed it into the cosmetics market, and the concept took off immediately. Launching in Space.NK nationwide in October of 2004, Dr.Lipp quickly became one of its best-selling hero products, and pioneered the glamorous side of the natural beauty movement, of which it is still a prominent champion to this day. The fabulously cheeky balm became a cult staple among the fashion set, and with international celebrity make-up artists including Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGrath, Sharon Dowset, Sara Lindsay & Karla Powell, to name but a few!

Impressive as its history may be, this pocket-sized saviour really speaks for itself, so give Dr.Lipp a try & see (or feel) the benefits for yourself!