About Us

Founder Pontine Paus

I founded Dr.Lipp in 2004. At the time, I suffered tremendously from cracked lips and frequent episodes of eczema. I didn’t yet know that I suffered from Coeliac disease, which often leads to dry skin problems, and nipple balm was the only thing that I found worked to help relieve the soreness, stop the itching and speed up the repair.

This pocket-sized superpower of a balm, made solely from lanolin, not only soon became my hero but was also the source of much laughter, and a lot of flirting. I don’t think I met anybody who didn’t get a good giggle from seeing me produce a big tube of nipple balm from my bag. We all seemed to agree that if it is good enough for your nipples then it’s definitely good enough for anywhere else.

The multipurpose uses of this little 15ml product became endless, and I kept hearing of new ways people had found it useful. They all became a testament to the intrinsic power of this simple but complex natural balm.

As I did my research I realised that lanolin has in fact been man’s little hero since 90AD, when it was cited in the worlds first pharmacopoeia, written by the Greek physician Pedanus Decordes. Today Lanolin serves many medical purposes and is often used as the base emollient in most pharmaceutical creams. At the turn of the century Lanolin was also the key ingredient in Nivea, which launched in 1911, marking the beginning of modern cosmetics as we know it today.

It is an extraordinary product. As if it were science fiction, this one ingredient is so complex that scientists are yet to reproduce it synthetically! Sadly, as modern-day farming began to use more pesticides and chemicals, the sheep were also contaminated and so was the wool. However, modern technology has improved and we are now able to filter out airborne, waterborne and farming-led toxins, allowing the lanolin to be purified once more.

I believe lanolin deserves to be placed firmly back into the limelight, and the 60,000 amazing reviews we have received are testament to this.

I am also thrilled Dr.Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin Luscious Lips & Glossy Bits, has won two more awards this year alone, cementing its cult reputation. I hope by bringing this superpower of a product to your attention it will help you as much as it has helped me and countless others over the years.

Dr.Lipp is FREE from parabens, fragrances, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, colouring agents, T.E .A, D.E.A and silicones etc.  We add no additives, do not test on animals, and only use unpainted fleece from free roaming sheep in Australia. A 100% Natural product and a WHOLE cosmetic product. Tasteless, odourless & so utterly kissable…


About Pontine


Pontine Paus is a London-based Norwegian designer, artist and entrepreneur. She is widely noted for her designer handbags, art and as founder of the cult cosmetics brand, Dr.Lipp. The idea for Dr.Lipp was born in the lobby of the Savoy Hotel in Milan, whilst Pontine was on a design trip for her handbag line, speaking to a friend who was then Head of Marketing for Stella McCartney.

“If its good enough for your nipples, then its definitely good enough for everywhere else!”

They giggled at the idea of putting nipple balm on their lips, and noticed others did too. Pontine discovered that Lanolin had been the original pillar of the cosmetic industry, but due to increasing prices and cheaper plant-based substitutes it had become less favourable over time. Despite this, it was still considered by dermatologists and chemists to have the most similar molecular composition to our skin’s natural oils. In a nutshell, that explains why it works so well, and why it’s so good for newborn babies too!

So with that, Pontine took lanolin out of the breastfeeding market and re-introduced it back into the cosmetics market, where it truly belongs. Dr.Lipp was launched in Space.NK nationwide in October of 2004, and quickly became one of their best-selling hero products, pioneering the natural beauty movement but in a glamorous way.. The fabulously cheeky balm became a cult staple among the fashion set, as well as with international celebrity make-up artists including Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGrath, Sharon Dowset, Sara Lindsay & Karla Powell, to name but a few!

Impressive as its history may be, this pocket-sized saviour really speaks for itself. Try it & get the benefits for yourself!