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Multi-use skincare solutions

Maximum Ten


Natural Ingredients

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15 years ago when founder Pontine Paus discovered ‘Nipple Balm’...

Oh did we say Nipple Balm… yes! she had no idea this was going to be the pillar for a fully-fledged ‘multi-use’ skincare brand and become a revolution in skincare.

It started when she brought the nipple balm out of the breastfeeding market and launched it into the beauty market back in 2004 in SpaceNK nationwide to spread its availability so more people could use it for all sorts of urgent dry skin issues. Tried, tested and loved for centuries by nursing mothers who have no time for BS, it was obvious that, ‘if it’s good enough for your nipples its good enough for everywhere else,’ says founder Pontine Paus.

Fascinatingly this highly effective 100% natural product was made from only ONE ingredient. A testament to the fact that high potency formulations can be simply amazing! On this basis she decided to commit Dr.Lipp to a maximum of TEN ingredients per formula. Our formulation scientists hated it because it meant they had less to do but we loved it because it meant our customers would receive products in higher potency, and we could better explain all the ingredients inside so you can make your own informed decisions. Plus, it reduces the strains on the supply chain which is better for the environment too.

And why multi-use, well, let’s face it, we don’t need a different product for every part of our body. So, at Dr.Lipp we decided to get practical and be part of the solution and take the benefits of a multi-use skincare regime reducing your skincare routine to the bare minimum number of products but only with high performing, 100% natural, ultra-hydrating multi-use benefits.

So simplify your life and be part of the solution!

Multi-use skincare solutions

a 360 approach

Faster, better and wiser…

We are committed to

100 % Naturally


Certified ingredients

Not 99%

Dr.Lipp is FREE from petrochemical ingredients, parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants, using environmentally friendly production, recyclable packaging and an absence of GMO. We of course do not test on animals and believe you don’t have to be boring to be natural!