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    17 years ago, I founded Dr.Lipp with the 'ORIGINAL Nipple Balm'...

    Oh, did I say Nipple Balm…?! Yes, that’s right it started as a skincare brand with just one product, one ingredient and a naughty name! People thought I was crazy but it soon became a multi-award winning best seller and the pillar of a fully-fledged ‘100% natural multi-use’ skincare brand taking simplicity and sustainability head on.

    It started when I brought the nipple balm out of the breastfeeding market and launched it into the beauty market back in 2004. The product was so effective for all sorts of dry skin issues I wanted to make it available to more people. Tried, tested and loved for centuries by nursing mothers who have no time for BS, it was obvious that, if it was good enough for your nipples would be good enough for everywhere else. I was fascinated that this highly effective 100% natural product was made from only ONE ingredient – medical grade lanolin…which I discovered was the true unsung hero of the skincare world! But it was also a testament to the fact that short ingredient lists can be simply amazing and serve multiple purposes.

    So the ‘Original Nipple Balm became my inspiration for a fully fledged multi-use skincare regime. Let’s face it, we don’t need a different product for every part of our body. So, I decided we should get practical and be part of the solution and commit ourselves to a 100% natural, multi-use skincare regime making your life simpler, cheaper and in better harmony with the environment.

    I committed Dr.Lipp to a max 10 ingredients per product, so that each ingredient would have a definitive purpose within the formula, which helps us drastically reduce our carbon footprint for a more sustainable world. We use the ‘gold standard’ of environmentally friendly paper (FSC approved!) to give you the best packaging supporting a sustainable ecosystem. This year, our big innovation is our new recyclable bioplastic sugar cane tubes that have a significant CO2 reduction to our standard PE tubes. And our caps will be made of 65% PCR (recycled ocean plastic) so you can look and feel gorgeous whilst being kinder to the environment!

    At Dr.Lipp we believe the era of secret formulas are gone, and support fully transparent ingredient lists so you can decide what to put on your skin. All products are GMO Free, 100% Natural, flavour & fragrance free because we want zero-irritants and zero fluff.

    So go on, simplify your life with Dr.Lipp! I know you’ll fall in love!

    100% Natural

    Multi-Use Skincare

    Honest, Effective & 100% Natural

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    Dr.Lipp is FREE from petrochemical ingredients, parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants, using environmentally friendly production, recyclable packaging and an absence of GMO. We of course do not test on animals and believe you don’t have to be boring to be natural!