5 YouTubing Mothers We Love
Mar 2017
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5 YouTubing Mothers We Love

With Mother’s Day right around the corner we thought it would only be fitting for us to share a few of our very favourite mothers with you! These women are not only fabulous parents to some of the most ridiculously adorable children we’ve ever seen, but are also multifaceted, inspiring and unique in their own right. We’re all about celebrating strong women for everything that they do, and everything they are, so let’s go!


Hannah Maggs/Michalak

If you aren’t watching the Michalak family’s vlogs, you are genuinely missing out. They somehow strike a balance between being RIDICULOUSLY high-quality (seriously, Hannah’s husband Stef could make a feature-length film and we would happily watch it, regardless of subject matter) and incredibly endearing.

Aside from their family antics and the fact that her son Grayson is growing into one of the funniest characters imaginable, Hannah herself is such a refreshing and relatable person. The kind of person you immediately feel you would want to be friends with. Alongside the family vlogs, she also has her own channel and blog, a line of prints and makeup bags, and has just announced she’s expecting Baby #2! We can. not. wait.

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Samantha Maria

Sammi has been a favourite of ours since her BeautyCrush days, and after seeing her go through so many different experiences over the years there was nothing more heartwarming than witnessing her becoming a mum to Indie-Rose in December. Sammi is one of those people who is drop-dead gorgeous, super accomplished and effortlessly cool, but still somehow has the endearing personable quality of a friend, and she barely seems aware of it.

Sammi and her fiancé Jason seem to be soaking up every minute of their new family, adjusting to becoming a parenting dream team, in addition to already working together both on their fashion brand Novem & Knight, and the photography for Sammi’s blog (Jason’s instagram is worth a look). Long story short, if you want to feel like you’re catching up with a friend, Sammi’s channel is the place to go.

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Patricia Bright

We’ve spoken before about our admiration for Patricia on so many levels. From badass business woman to raw and honest advice-giver, she’s stylish & savvy and she doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. Watching her become a mother to baby Grace and take on that role with all the love and commitment she gives to everything in her life has been amazing, and she’s a wonderful example of the fact that becoming a mother doesn’t mean you have to put your other dreams aside.

Alongside fabulously polished fashion, beauty & lifestyle content, Patricia also makes some of the most no-holds-barred advice & inspiration videos on youtube. From realistic commentary on fake friendships and relationship truths, to frank chats about chasing your goals and drawing from her background in finance to give substantiated tips to her viewers, you never know quite what you’re going to get, but it’s ALWAYS worth watching.

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Rhiannon Ashlee

The youngest of the bunch – but the only relevance of that is to lead into the fact that Rhiannon is perfect proof that if you’re ready to be a mother, age (within reason, obviously) does not matter. She and her boyfriend Doug have embraced parenthood completely, and there’s such a lovely, genuine feeling that comes from watching their little family grow and learn together.

Documenting the everyday in regular second channel vlogs, Rhiannon is incredibly open and honest about life with Delilah. From sleep struggles to maintaining her own identity and dealing with other people’s opinions on parenting, she portrays a realistic and comforting image of what it’s like to be a first-time mother. It may not always be perfect, but life is better when it’s not sugarcoated, and there sure is still a lot of laughter and love.

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Carly Musleh

Last but not least, Carly is the most experienced mother of the bunch – with 8-year-old André playing older brother to baby Oliviér – and she often puts that experience to good use, sharing helpful tips and honest advice on her blog. However, she doesn’t let motherhood define her.


Carly’s instagram is to die for, and her no-BS attitude radiates from everything she does. It’s clear from the way they interact that her partner Richard really is her best friend, and watching them raise their boys – whether it’s on social media or in their family vlogs – is both heartwarming and hilarious. She also acts as a great role model for body positivity and self-love, readily sharing photos taken before, during and after pregnancy, proving that you can look and feel incredible at any stage of motherhood.

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