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Apr 2018
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Our Diary...


The most popular use for our Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips and Glossy Bits is by far as a lip balm, to heal and sooth chapped smackers, but our award-winning balm has hundreds of uses! Here are a few of our favourites.

Long-lasting Lip Gloss

Your lips are fine, we hear you, but who doesn’t love a gorgeous glossy pout? Our luxuriously thick balm is your 100% natural gloss and because of its amazing, thick texture, it goes for hours. Even when you don’t!

Cuticle Conditioner

If, like us, hard work to you means cleaning your make-up brushes and actual labour is not really your thing, you might not suffer from dry, hard skin on your hands, but that doesn’t mean you should skip cuticle care! Nothing makes an at-home manicure feel like a professional treatment like tending to your cuticles and nourishing the skin around your fingertips. When your nail polish has dried, we suggest finishing with a dab of Dr.Lipp to keep your cuticles in check. At Dr.Lipp HQ, where our Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips & Glossy Bits is in abundance (hallelujah!), we keep one on our desk for regular cuticle and lip top-ups.


For a natural highlight, we love Dr.Lipp dabbed across the high parts of the face where light catches, i.e. the cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of nose and cupid’s bow. Makeup artists like Gabriella Floyd daub our balm on the face for a glossy or naturally dewy look and you can also use the product to anchor a powder highlighter; simply apply Dr.Lipp as aforementioned, then sweep your powder over with a fluffy brush.

Glitter and Face Jewel Adhesive

Whether it be for festival season, a gig, party or just because you love glitter (no shame, we do too), we’re obsessed with creating looks using face glitter and jewels. Dr.Lipp is so gloriously thick that it makes a perfect, 100% natural adhesive for securing your gems of choice. Simply apply to the back of your chosen gem or sequin and press onto the area you wish to cover, or for glitter; apply Dr.Lipp to the area and press glitter on gently.

Minor Cuts, Burns and Sore Skin

Ok, not the most glamourous use, we’ll admit it, but something we praise Dr.Lipp for is its ability to heal the skin. Most obviously our balm can be used to comfort the sorest, driest of lips, but did you know it’s great for other parts of the body too? We love to have a tube of our multipurpose balm in our bag, so should we suffer a minor scrape (nail file injuries are real, girls), that glossy goodness can be applied on the spot. It works a treat, trust us.

Got any other fab uses? Let us know!

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