Our Diary
May 2018
Cloud and hearts

Our Diary...


If like us, you like to live a life that’s as natural as possible but could do with a helping hand here and there, then look no further! Each month we host a new GoNatural interview on our blog, covering bloggers, brand founders, designers, vloggers and many more inspiring people that take steps in their life to be more natural. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite tips and even chucked one of our own in!

Liz Earl

My main tip would be to look at what you are eating – how we fuel ourselves impacts on our wellbeing as-a-whole and it’s important to recognise this.  I’m a great believer in feel-good food so I always try to embrace seasonal, local, organic produce wherever possible as the mainstay of my meals. My advice would be, try not to eat too many things that come out of a packet, always aim for lots of fresh veg and wherever possible go local and organic!

Kamilla Schaffner

Go back to basic, good for you, natural products where you don’t need to worry about their ingredients and effects on the environment.

Jo Foster

Don’t overlook the simple things. It’s literally about fresh air, water, clean ingredients and good food. It’s usually about taking things away rather than adding things in. Night time is the perfect time to do that, because you own a bit of a calmer place, which is why we say that your night time routine is all around things that help your skin and also help your sleep. This calmer way of approaching what you put in and on your body is where I would start.

This Is Mothership

Since having kids we’ve switched our cleaning products to ones that are as non-toxic as possible, such as Method.

Dr.Lipp & The Girls

Make switches where possible. Dr.Lipp Original Nipple balm has so many uses, that it’s easy to cut your beauty stash down with our 100% natural balm! You knew we were going to say that, right?!