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5 Things That Makes Us Smile!
Oct 2018
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Our Diary...

5 Things That Makes Us Smile!

As you may know, October 5th is #WorldSmileDay! Here at Dr.Lipp we are always super smiley and loooove seeing you gorgeous creatures with lovely big smiles too! So we thought we would let you in on our top 5 favourite things that makes us smile!

  1. The Perfect Cuppa! Nothing quite says ‘aaaahh’ like the ideal cup of tea. And nothing beats Earl Grey in the morning.
  2. Sunshine! Drab and dreary London is a far cry from our fav sunny hotspots like The Almafi Coast or sunny Spain! Those magical rays of sunshine will put a smile on anyones face!
  3. Puppies and Kittens of course! Maybe it’s their pint size bodies or their pure sweetness…either way we are obsessed with all baby animals, especially pups and kittys!
  4. CHOCOLATE! In all shapes and forms, chocolate tastes like little drops of heaven that just light up our lives!
  5. Dr.Lipp of course! Smiles all around for our Original Balm and NEW Tints! We couldn’t leave the house without our trusty Dr.Lipp by our sides!