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5 Everyday Uses of Dr.Lipp You Never Knew
Nov 2016
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Our Diary...

5 Everyday Uses of Dr.Lipp You Never Knew

Aaaaargh! Don’t you just HATE it when one little thing goes wrong and throws off your entire day? I don’t know how many times I’ve felt unprepared when I’m out and about, whether it’s forgetting a phone charger or accidentally covering my outfit in coffee… I’d rather not think about it. Thank goodness there’s one hero I can always count on: Dr.Lipp.

If you’re anything like me and carry your trusty Original Nipple Balm wherever you go, you may already be more prepared than you think! Yes, he works wonders on your lips, but Dr.Lipp also has dozens of hidden talents just waiting to be discovered.



Scuffed my shoes!

If they’re leather, you’re in luck. The Original Nipple Balm is made from lanolin, which is an ingredient in most shoe polishes! Just rub a little onto the area you want to target, and voila! Nothing but shine.


Cut my hand!

Assuming it’s not too deep, just rinse the cut clean and apply some Original Nipple Balm over the top. Lanolin creates a waterproof barrier that will stop any dirt from getting in and infecting the area, while also working to heal the cut itself.


Started to chafe!

We all know that feeling. You’re on your way to meet a friend and gradually you start to notice that one little area of irritation more and more until it becomes unbearable! Whether it’s chafing, an itchy label or some sort of other irritation, slathering on some Dr.Lipp will soothe your skin and create a barrier to stop things from getting worse.


Lost control of my flyaways!

We’ve all been there. Sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate with our hair plans for the day, but don’t panic if you’re feeling a bit frizzy. Just rub a little bit of Dr.Lipp between your hands and gently smooth down your hair. Be very careful, though – you don’t want to end up looking greasy!


Got a zipper that won’t move!

You know the sinking feeling when you try to zip up your jacket, jeans or dress and it just won’t budge. At best it’s annoying, and at worst it leaves you practically naked in a public washroom, wishing you’d worn ANYTHING else. Thankfully, it’s Dr.Lipp to the rescue. Pop some Original Nipple Balm on the top part of the zip (where you want it to go) and the added slip should have you in business!


Phew! Day saved. Dr.Lipp, you’re my hero.