Best Selling Products on BirchBox With Over 10,000 Positive Reviews

Dr.Lipp is one of BirchBox’s best selling products with over 29,000 positive reviews!! US Blogger Byrdie tells us here about these fabulous best selling cult beauty products that have over 10,000 positive reviews .  Congratulations to the others on the list.

Here is our entry in the article:

A cult-fave of moms, makeup artists, and Kardashians alike, this super-soft nipple balm actually works wonders as a lip balm, moisturizer, primer, and more. Check out a ton of ways to use it here

Stars: 4

Number of reviews: 29,010

Sample reviews:

“I like this product a lot. Wish it smelled a little better, but really, how good can lanolin smell? My favorite for dry and chapped lips. I always keep it in my purse. Great for a cold day. I like the way it feels, not too sticky!”

“The holy grail of lip balm. This stuff is amazing.”

“Between the dryness of hotels and airplanes, this is a staple in my briefcase. It stays on better than most lip balms, and can be used for dry skin anywhere on your body.”

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