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10 Cool Facts About Lanolin
Oct 2015
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10 Cool Facts About Lanolin


Find out more about our star ingredient – how many of these facts did you know?

1. The historic use of Lanolin has been well documented over the ages. Already in 90AD Pedanius  Dioscorides, the infamous Ancient Greek physician & pharmacologist  included Lanolin in his encyclopaedias of medical ingredients which was used for over 1500 years.

2. 100 years ago the chemist Isaac Lifshutz used lanolin to develop the world’s first true skin cream now called Nivea.

3. Lanolin is still a key ingredient in most topical pharmaceutical creams today.

4. In 1935 Twort & Twort proved Lanolin accelerates the repair of the skin’s natural barrier functions and far from being something that causes problems, lanolin is actually a counter-irritant.  They then wrote a review of the protective power of lanolin in the Journal of hygiene, stating Its incorporation into the lipids of the top surface of the skin boosts the skin’s barrier function providing a higher level of protection from hazards in the environment.

5. In 1953 M B Sulzberger at the Skin & Cancer Unit at New York Hospital University found that out of 1,048 patients tested, 99% were not allergic to lanolin.

6. Many studies have been conducted on Lanolin testing the safety versus irritability of Lanolin on the skin. The largest of which was carried out by E W Clark in 1975 and remains the most definitive to date. Results of a survey in Great Britain and Sweden proved that the possibility of Lanolin allergy was less than 6 people per million. (0.0006%). Almost negligible.

7. In the 1980’s Westbrook Lanolin Company proved Lanolin could help reduce skin roughness by 40% in one hour and 50% in 2 hours.

8. In 1999 Beiersdorf AG demonstrated skin bioengineering studies showing the durational effect and the skin smoothing effect of lanolin. They proved Lanolin lasts for many hours on the skin, with the overall effect lasting for considerably more than eight hours!

9. Lanolin is renowned for holding over 200% of its own weight of water, acting as a moisture tank to help maintain the hydration of the skin.

10. During the 1980s, lanolin became recognized as an essential ingredient in both topical pharmaceuticals and general skin products. It is still today a key ingredient in most topical pharmaceutical creams.

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